Additional Services

JIT Processing and Delivery
Ten Star will arrange for partial or complete orders to be delivered to meet your JIT delivery needs. Our turnaround times are normally 5-7 business days (longer for large or complicated orders). We also provide RUSH service with a 48hr turnaround for a small fee.

Flame Treating

  • Ten Star Supply offers flame treating services as needed to ensure the best possible image adhesion during the printing process.
  • Ten Star has implemented a strict quality control process to Dyne test in-bound product , ensuring suitability for printing. Although many manufacturers do flame-treat their products, we’ve run into situations where a product either arrives unexpectedly un-flamed or the flaming treatment’s short shelf-life has expired. This test allows us to identify the need before the products are staged for production – early enough to incorporate flame-treating into the process and avoid schedule slips.

Ten Star Supply’s warehouse is available to our customers for product storage. Although most of our customers request immediate delivery, we are able to fill orders and hold them in inventory until needed.

Inventory Management

  • Ten Star provides real time inventory management services for your blank bottles or other unprinted products upon request.
  • Customers arrange with manufacturers/distributors to deliver items to Ten Star in preparation for deco orders up to pre-specified quantities.
  • Ten Star’s digital inventory system is updated for each customer’s specific item(s) when they are delivered (+) and invoiced (-). Customers are provided regular reports of quantity on hand vs. on order and notified if quantity on hand falls below specified level.