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Lipsticks, mascara tubes, foundation jars, perfume bottles, nail polish


Saline bottles, syringe tubes, measuring containers, reusable bottles, cleaning and sanitizing solutions


Moisturizer jars and bottles, sunscreen, airless pumps, supplement bottles

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Ten Star Supply is a commercial printer in Tampa, Florida specializing in direct screen printing on bottles and jars. We can print on plastic (HDPE, PET, etc), glass, metal, and other common packaging materials. We have the capability to print high-quality multi-colored custom graphics and text on commercial products of all shapes and sizes, bottles, (cylinders, ovals), jars, cosmetic tubes, and irregularly shaped objects of all kinds – including appliances, instrument panels, industrial labels, specialty products, and automotive parts. We use only the finest materials to deliver a quality product we can both be proud of. Send us an email, request a quote, or just call us. Experience the Ten Star Difference.